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The royal bed at Versailles.

I haven’t posted anything here for more than a month, because I’ve had family in Europe for 2 weeks and I’ve been on the road, often without a decent or any internet connection.  It would be hard to summarize the past month, but here goes:  Blois, Chenonceau, Paris alone for a week to do some research, Paris with wife and grown kids, Metz, Nuremberg, Prague, Munich, kids and wife leave, Austrian Alps, Trieste, Venice, Forlimpopli, Ravenna, then back north at last (feels like I’m on my way home) into the Swiss Alps.  I’ve concentrated in the last few days on spectacular cafes and collections of coffee machines and other artifacts.

Das the car has been magnificent.  Here are a few road pics:

Albula Pass Rd, Switzerland, May 31

Bellinzona-Chur Rd May 30

Chenonceau, France, a playground for royal mistresses

And we saw a lot while the family was here.  Prague is awash with tourists, but it’s still stunning.  Here is a stained glass window by Mucha in the Hrad (castle).

And if you like bones, a church at Kutna Hora, east of Prague,

is for you.

The Ravenstein coat of arms, in bones, with the bird supposed to be pecking out the eye of a Turk.

Love what you’ve done to the place,


Actually, Prague is beautiful.

View of the Hrad (castle), Prague

early 20th c

I’ll try again.

Now get in a royal bed somewhere:  (oops, the royal bed got put at the top of the post somehow), rest your bones, and don’t drink too much coffee.  But drink the best!

The Italians want you to!

La Dolce Vita at an Autogrill on the tollway outside Milan


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